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Individualised Complete Health Checkup

Every human body is designed uniquely and thus we replace generalised master check ups with Individualised Complete Health checkups. Necessity/importance of the test is decided depending on the individual's risk after assessment by our team of doctors. We believe in Prevention, thus not only recognise the problem early but also help you understanding and managing it.

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Kidney4Life is our chain of specialized Nephrology clinics that offer safe, quality dialysis and Out Patient Departments with reputable doctors. The clinics are founded on the idea that prevention is better than cure and hence focus mainly on kidney disease prevention through patient education and early recognition. Delaying kidney failure through timely and appropriate care and preventing kidney diseases from progressing to the second stage are the highest priority in our homely clinics.


Train4Life is a technologist training academy that certified 10+2 graduates and current dialysis technicians with Internationally accredited BONENT certification. Given the increase in kidney diseases in India, trained dialysis technologists are in huge demand as they play a vital role in maintaining the patient's quality of life. Train4Life will also grant certified technologists the opportunity to work abroad as well as increase their earning potential in India through working with partner hospitals and our very own Kidney4Life arm. The BONENT course is complemented with BCLS training, spoken english classes and basic computer training, all offered within the same facility.


Fit4Life offers Dietician services, physiotherapy and yoga for people suffering from Diabetes or kidney related problems. This arm of the company offers lifestyle guidance through several support groups and focuses on the health of the mind as well as the body. Both basic and therapeutic yoga classes are offered as it is proven to have a positive effect on kidney disease risk factors, as Dieticians offer advice to counter obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Doctor Public Society- Preventive educational series ***Absolutely Free***  Supported by Vijay Ganga Trust

VijayGanga Speciality Care has started a new service of partnering with doctors and experts in area to discuss important health related topics. This series has been dubbed "How Not to go to a Doctor" as it emphasis self preservation and preventive medicine. Registration is always free to all and the events will be held on the second saturday of every month, from 4pm to 5pm, at our Mylapore location. Each event will be headed by a specialist in that field.

Following is the list of upcoming events along with dates for reference:

1) Beauty of Human Creation ----------------------------------------------- November 8th
2) Your Kidney is the Best Dialysis Unit: handle it with care ---------- December 13th
3) How to recognize a Heart Attack ---------------------------------------- January 10th
4) Living with diabetes: the disease of the next decade --------------- February 14th
5) Diabetic Foot Care------------------------------------------------------------March 14th
6) Mind your breath: Asthma & COPD ------------------------------------ April 11th
7) Ageing pains- Bone health............................................................May 9th
8) Eyes: a miracle camera --------------------------------------------------- June 13th
9) 32 Pearls in your mouth: Teeth, organs of mastication ------------ July 11th
10) Foods that help you live longer: count your calories --------------- August 8th
11) Heart burn & ulcers: cool your stomach ------------------------------September 12th
12) Skin- the largest organ and its care-------------------------------------October 10th

13)Hypertension: the menace of this century ---------------------------- November 14th

2016-  Practical sessions on popular demand:

1) Check BP- the right way ----------------------------------------------------------------January 9th 2016
2) Check Sugar - the right method -------------------------------------------------------February 13th 2016
3) Painless Insulin and more---------------------------- ----------------------------------March 12th 2016
4) BCLS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------April 9th 2016, 2.30 pm
5) Eye fitness -exersices and care--------------------------------------------------------May 14th 2016
6) Urinary incontinence/leak-----------------------------------------------------------------June 11th 2016
7) Yoga and Meditation benefits------------------------------------------------------------July 9th 2016
8) Control Diabetes with Diet----------------------------------------------------------------August 13th 2016
9) Water weight management---------------------------------------------------------------September 10th 2016
10) Low Back Pain- Introduction------------------------------------------------------------October 8th 2016
11) Low Back Pain- Treatment---------------------------------------------------------------November 12th 2016
12) Financial planning- for a medical patient---------------------------------------------December 10th 2016

2017- Multidisciplinaries
1) Urinary infections, prevention-----------------------------------------------------------January 14th 2017
2) Hypertension as a sign of kidney disease---------------------------------------------February 11th 2017
3) World Kidneyday -Awareness program, week long----------------------------------March 9th 2017
4) Hypertension awareness day, -----------------------------------------------------------May 23rd 2017
5) Osteoporosis- weak bones---------------------------------------------------------------June 10th 2017
6) Stress management-----------------------------------------------------------------------July 8th 2017
7) Mood disorders-----------------------------------------------------------------------------August 12th 2017 
8) Diabetes management-------------------------------------------------------------------September 9th 2017
9) Walk all the way----------------------------------------------------------------------------Oct 14th 2017
10) Stroke management---------------------------------------------------------------------Nov 11th 2017
11) Diabetes in Women----------------------------------------------------------------------Dec 9th 2017