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Kidney4Life aims to help you "live your life...better"

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Kidney4Life's mission is to operate on the three most important aspects of kidney care, outlined by Dr. Sarita Vinod Dasari upon founding VijayGanga Speciality Care: early recognition, patient education, and preventive nephrology. With trained staff and experienced doctors, Kidney4Life clinics serve prevent the onset and slow the progression of kidney related diseases through a variety of specialized services. The following is a list of some of those services:

1) Hypertension clinic to examine the cause of hypertension, education about BP management and potential organ damage, and 24 hour BP monitoring to ensure control throughout the day.

2) Nephrology Out Patient Department - Consultation with experienced, certified doctors to discuss nephrological issues. This includes urinary tract infection, kidney stones, loss of protein in urine, vasculitis induced renal disease, lupus nephritis, kidney disease stage identification, and blood in urine. The on call OPD doctor will also meet with patients to discuss primary kidney disease prevention methods and educate them on risk factors, including necessary lifestyle modifications.

3) Kidney4Life also offers education on the range of available treatment options for irreversible kidney damage, and helps patients prepare for each type of treatment through support groups and trained doctors and staff.

4) Dietary advice is also offered by partnering with Fit4Life for patients with low sodium, potassium or phosphorous as these are all causes of kidney disease. Identifying and properly treating these problems can prevent the onset of kidney disease in the future.

5) If Hemodialysis dialysis is chosen as the best treatment option, Kidney4Life offers state of the art dialysis machines in a comfortable, homely environment. Unit protocol is strictly monitored and maintained for the safety of the patients by highly trained and certified technologists. Peritoneal dialysis is also offered through the clinic's services, depending on what the doctor suggests as the best course of action.

6) Most importantly, Kidney4Life recognizes the financial and emotional strain that is placed on patients suffering from kidney disease. Several lifestyle changes must be made and it is not easy. Therefore, we offer counseling for patients who have questions about the path ahead, transplant procedure options, etc. This is made available through peer to peer counseling in support groups as well as through meeting with one of the on call doctors.

**** IMPORTANT ****

2015- Patient support group has completed one year since formation and during the last one year they actively participated in multiple educational camps at VGSC. They attended classes regularly and counselled multiple patients boosting their morale and giving them practical tips from their own experiences and proper understanding of the problem. We thank and congratulate our team of seven support group members, on the anniversary. With them we were able to reach out to our needy patients better and improve their confidence, that translated into good quality of life.