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To enhance the quality of life.

Vijay Ganga Speciality Care (VGSC) is Non-Profit organization started in 2012, June by American Board certified Nephrologist Dr. Sarita Vinod Dasari. Decades of experience in India encouraged her to focus on early recognition, patient education, and preventing the onset and progression of kidney and heart disease. She found that the main problem with diabetes, hypertension and kidney related diseases is that many people are not aware of the condition. In addition, those that were aware rarely sought help because of increasing costs and lack of knowledge about the methods of treatment. The goal of VGSC is to ensure that patients with kidney disease can get access to quality, affordable healthcare and those without it could get the information they needed to prevent it.

In today's world, the occurrence of kidney diseases is rapidly increasing. After the age of 50, 1 out of 5 and after 65, 1 out of 2 people have some degree of kidney function impairment. With such an increase in kidney diseases, the need for safe, quality dialysis centers and qualified technologists has also increased.

Unfortunately, kidney diseases are classified as " silent condition". This means that there are a variety of nonspecific complaints that are often overlooked that are symptoms of kidney disease. When identified early on, patients can be protected against further impairment and deterioration of kidney function. Even when kidney disease is already progressing, timely preparation and treatment can delay the need for invasive treatments and improve associated mortality. Some common risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, over the counter medicine usage, urinary infections, stones, and vascular problems.

The goal of VGSC is to catch the onset of kidney disease early on in order to enhance the quality of a patient's life in the future. Initiating and providing quality nephrological care at the appropriate time can allow patients to continue daily functions with little impairment, reducing the financial and emotional burden on the patients and their families. Treatment of kidney diseases and recognizing the problem can also help prevent heart disease and associated morbidity.

Founded on the premise that prevention is better than cure, VGSC's main goal remains to ensure that people with kidney disease get access to affordable care and those without it get access to the information they need to prevent it.

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