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Fit4Life focuses on lifestyle modification guidance

Fit4Life offers Dietician services, physiotherapy, and yoga for people suffering from Diabetes or other Kidney problems. This is one of the most important parts of the organization as it offers lifestyle guidance and preventative kidney care. Patients suffering from kidney disease and diabetes have to go through a number of changes in their day to day activities and it can be an extremely difficult process. Therefore, VGSC ensures that patients do not have to go through this alone by providing support groups and also helps patients understand the road ahead.

Proven to have positive effects on the kidney disease risk factors such as Obesity and Hypertension, yoga classes are offered at the facility. In addition, on call Dieticians offer advice to counter these same risk factors.

We are pleased to announce that we have been joined by a renowned team of physiotherapists. They will be attending to all general physiotherapy needs, including nephrology specific requirements. Their special interest is in vertigo and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Elderly diabetic patients have a variety of issues including urinary leaks that can lower self confidence and independence, including allowing them to leave the house. Physiotherapy has been proven to play a vital role in preventing such incidents and ensuring that each individual can enhance their quality of life.

Yoga classes are held at the main center every day. Basic Yoga classes and individual therapeutic sessions are held as per appointment and as per schedule.