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Your VijayGanga Speciality Care's(VGSC) - Vinita Hospital, is coming to you with "Health@Home" services, to cover all your medical needs in the comfort of your home professionally. We value your time and comfort. Download our mobile app, OR call 7299078999 / 7358778995 / 24996685.

After downloading the app, if you are already having a HR ( Hospital Registration) number use it, to access your information, book appointments and other services.
If you are first timer, please enter as a guest and fill in your details to get a HR number.

All specialists and primary care doctors of VGSC are available and attending to our patients from 8 am to 8 pm with prior appointments, at our Mylapore clinic.
Download our mobile app, OR call 7299078999 / 7358778995 / 24996685

Health@Home is an initiative of Vijay Ganga Speciality Care (VGSC) to care for stable patients in the convenience of their own homes. Our skilled and experienced visiting Nurses, Technicians, and Physiotherapists work with the guidance of our Doctors to reduce the duration of a patient's hospital stay, and help recuperate patients faster from injury, illness, or surgery safely amidst the comfort and familiarity of their loved ones.

Our services include but are not limited to:
1. Health monitoring for recently discharged or bedridden patients
2. Administering injections and IV fluids
3. Collecting blood and urine samples for lab tests
4. 24hr blood pressure monitoring
5. Continuous glucose monitoring
6. Diabetic-foot wound and vacuum dressing
7. Caring for Decubitus/bedsores
8. Post Operative wound care
9. Foley catheter care and removal
10. Supplying and organizing patient medications to facilitate patient understanding and adherence
11. TENS for neuropathy pain
12. Cardiac monitoring and Holter monitor placement
13. Suture removal
14. Aid with medication nebulizations
And finally,
15. Home hemodialysis,
16. Home Peritoneal dialysis,
17.Physiotherapy, and
18. Education on Insulin injections and Erythropoietin administration.

Clinical services at home are just a call away. VGSC care givers are proud to bring safe and quality care right to your doorstep.

Health @ Home Launch Function - 18th October 2020