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DPS on Jan 9th- first practical session on , Check BP- the right way by Dr Sarita Vinod. AB Nephrology

VGSC started Practical sessions on popular demand by the public, who attended the multidisciplinary awareness lectures conducted monthly, all through the year 2014-15. Dr Sarita Vinod, addressed the attendees on the basics as what is hypertension, side effects of Hypertension when left untreated and thus the importance of monitoring. Bp can be checked with out much of a difficulty, multiple times a day or anytime of the day, in ones own home very conveniently. It helps doctors plan treatment with least errors. Method of checking Bp and the instruments available and their use was demonstrated, and all the attendees were given an opportunity to practice and clear doubts. Everyone left feeling confident about the right use of the apparatus and feeling accomplished.

self BP monitoring training
check BP
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