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First support group meeting on Feb 3rd Monday at 5 pm in VGSC Mylapore

VGSC support group plans for expansion. Anyone interested can get in touch with us. ( people with kidney disease or their family members).

Idea of the group: New Patients are apprehensive and scared on meeting dr for kidney disease. Most of the time do not register information during the consultation and have thousands of doubts later. In that state are misled by people posing as well wishers. Thus, to guide our patients and give them confidence that kidney disease is preventable, treatable and there is life beyond with right treatment, we started this group.



1) . To attend classes periodically conducted by dr Sarita to gain knowledge on kidney disease, so to be able to educate patients on some general questions.

2). Be available for the patients in need of basic education on kidney disease, be empathetic and a support emotionally by sharing experiences. (NO advise when not sure. Note down the questions and clarify with dr.

3) . Help during the awareness camps, to spread the knowledge.

4). Know the activities of VGSC in detail.

Benefits ( supported by VijayGanga Trust):

1). Education on kidney disease and hypertension.

2). Free Consultation with Dr Sarita Vinod Dasari.

3). Refreshments , tea , biscuits during meetings.

4). Develop good support system for self, with our support group. ANYONE interested can call 7299078999 or 24996685.

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