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WORLD KIDNEY DAY - 14th March 2019

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Vijay Ganga Speciality Care organised an Awareness Camp to Day. All people are asked to register and then are guided through the various stations of the camp. Blood tests were done to screen for the risk factors as , diabetes, hypertension and Obesity along with end organ function as heart, eyes and kidney. HbA1c, blood sugar, lipid profile, ECG, creatinine , urine albumin levels and retinopathy testing were done. Ms. Gomathi welcomed all and introduced them, the purpose of "World Kidney Day".

VGSC patient support group conducted an educational session on hypertension and following that Dr. Sarita Vinod spoke on kidney disease and it's PREVENTION, followed by an active open discussion. Results of tests and their importance was discussed to ensure audience were able to understand the risk factor they have and the organ that is affected or not and how to protect themselves. Successful camp came to an end with Concluding comments were given by Mr. Govindraj, president of exnora and vote of thanks by Mrs. Cecilia.

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