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DPS on May 14th- Eye excersices- 18th session

May 14th hot summer day, but could not stop the health conscious audience to reach VGSC on time. Dr Ramakrishnan , Ophthalmologist returned on popular demand to speak on the common eye problems,as cataract, glaucoma,refractory errors, squint and the practical ways of addressing them. Most of the eye problems are also silent but preventable if attended to early on. Thus, elaborating on the early signs of eye problems, dr Ramakrishna insisted yearly once retina and eye pressure checkup.

For the most common dry eye syndrome due to multiple screen devices and the eye exhaustion, he instructed a 20/20/20 excersice. That is every 20 min work for 20 seconds focus on an object that is 20 feet away. Several questions regarding the types of intraocular lenses, timing of surgery, age related eye problems were answered during the interactive period. Dr Sarita thanked the speaker and concluded the session.

Dr Ramkrishnan
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Dr Ramakrishnan s talk
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