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World Kidney Day , March 9th -2017- 28th session

VijayGanga Speciality care conducted a week long kidney awareness program, from 6th March to 11th March, on the occasion of world kidney day 2017.  

General public were encouraged to meet a nephrologist/ Urologist with kidney disease screening labs and get an individual assessment and answers to their queries, every day during the week.

In lines with the year’s theme, Obesity and kidney disease, all the visitors were encouraged to go through the information provided, in the form of printed leaflets and display boards.

VGSC team enthusiastically participated in spreading the kidney disease preventive education by setting up a kiosk at various centers.

The week long program ended with a closing event on 11th March. Program started on time with Sweety welcoming the audience and introducing them to the VGSC preventive activities. Dr Sarita Vinod spoke on Obesity, its effect on persons overall health and the measures to be taken. Summary of which is as follows;

Obesity is now considered as a Global epidemic with the overweight and obesity prevalence doubling worldwide in the last 8 yrs. The most common cause is over eating and physical inactivity, with Genetic predisposition playing a minor role.  Medicines, psychiatric illness and endocrine problems along with environmental pollution are the other contributing factors for growing obesity.

Obesity contributes directly and indirectly to Diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, Ischemic heart disease, Chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, osteoarthritis, Sleep apnea, Polycystic ovary syndrome, poor quality of life and to various types of cancers as well.

It is easy to prevent obesity and thus all the following issues, by exercising regularly as per the WHO standards, eating healthy and by developing good sleeping habits. Dr Sarita gave few practical tips to keep up with the recommendations.

Mr. Raghu from Sunnybee is invited to speak on the importance of vegetables, fruits and gave suggestions on how to choose the vegetables. He threw light on the best practices of farming and buying the farm produce, as Fresh, clean and pesticide free.

Dr Harsha, spoke on the importance of sleep and stressed on discipline to get good sleep. Sleep is a repair mechanism and one has to get adequate sleep to have a productive day. Waking up in the morning without a feeling of freshness is an indication of inadequate sleep.

Session was closed after a question and answer session, with Mr Govindraj, Exnora President of Greater Chennai, comments and Ms Gomathi thanking all for their presence and keen interest in ‘Living their lives…..Better'

WKD 2017
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