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DPS on September 10th 2016- water weight management - 22 nd session

Dr Sarita spoke on the importance of water, daily requirement of water and role of water in body functions as humidifying air, helping in digestion and avoiding constipation. Simplified problems associated with water loss and water overloading. Audience were surprised to learn that 55 to 60% of our body weight is due to water/ fluids. Accumulation of fluid in the interstitial space causes swelling, due to multiple reasons as- vital organ problems (Ex: heart failure, liver failure or kidney disease) to local causes as varicose veins or medications( some BP lowering medicines, harmones). Thyroid disease, filarial disease or the lymphatic problems post breast cancer can also cause swelling that is of nonpitting nature. Some young women with no major organ disease or an identified reaaon can develop swelling and it is called idiopathic swelling. Treatment of swelling is dependant on the cause, however few tips are generally helpful. They are excersices, position of the extremities, diet with salt and fluid intake and finally the medicines prescribed by physicians. Session ended with good interaction and enthusiastic participation of all

Importance of water
Dr Sarita Vinod
Water weight - swelling
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