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DPS on August 8th 2015- 10th session- Healthy Diet- Count your calories

Dr Dharini Krishnan, Dietician at VGSC had the room full of audience spell bound as she spoke on the "Foods that help you live longer -and count your calories" topic. "You are what you eat", "food is thy medicine" is what we have been hearing for years. A lot of emphasis on counting calories is leading to "stress" while cooking and guilt while eating.

She simplifies and eliminates stress by managing diet with few basic principles, instead of counting calories. Such as, 3-5 cups of vegetables, with all colours (red, green and orange) included along with 2-3 cups of fresh fruits (orange, sweet lime, pear, guava, pomegranate, watermelon and papaya). Protien foods as whole dals, chicken, fish or egg in 12 meals per week.

Toned milk of 400 ml per day in any form and Oil of about 15 ml per day/person. Dr Dharini broke several myths as papaya is hot food, eating snakegaurd or ashguard causing cold, milk is fattening, oats is of lesser calories etc. Following talk interactive session was lively.

Dr Dharini on count your calories
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