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Our team is our greatest resource.

Dr. Sarita Dasari is a highly qualified and experienced American Board Certified Nephrologist practicing in India for over a decade. It was her passion for preventive Nephrology that formed the bedrock for VGSC. General Nephrology and Dialysis care are her areas of primary interest.

Dr P. Suresh, (M.S Ortho, M.Ch Neuro) , an experienced Brain and Spine , Orthopedic surgeon. He is an associate professor in Neuro surgery at Royapetah hospital.

Dr Krishna, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon. HE is an expert in treating Diabetic foot and Complex AV Access problems.

(Dr) Vishal Sivaram is a graduate from UPENN and is a medical student at Dayton Ohio. He has keen interest in preventive health and is working towards health education of general public. He worked as an intern at WHO, Geneva. and is also pursuing Masters in Public Health. He works on producing educational material for general public and holds lectures periodically.

Sanjay Dasari is a graduate from the Entrepreneurship centric Babson College. He has a background in Management Consulting and Marketing and is currently in charge of developing VGSC’s different nephrological services.

Dr. Bhaskara Rao, founder of the lab at Isabels, Hospital, Chennai, and renowned Biochemist and Pathologist is regularly working with the VijayGanga staff as well. He is a biochemistry speciality in laboratory medicine with over 30 years of experience. He will be teaching laboratory medicine to the students and help with graduate placement.

Mrs Cecilia Sundaram, a well known and truly passionate English teacher with 25 yrs of experience teaching all age groups, currently a freelance trainer of spoken English, Soft skills and Personality Development with TCS. Conducts classes for all age groups at VGSC on mondays and fridays.


Patients living with kidney disease and kidney failure formed a support group under the leadership of Dr. V. Sarita. They attend classes to learn the basics of the Kidney disease, Hypertension and associated problems. They interact with each other and the Nephrologist to understand the difficulties in practising the advise of the Doctors and the ways to overcome those difficulties. This forum helps in bringing out the most practical way of coping with the kidney disease, enriched by their experiences.

With learned knowledge this group supports the Kidney patients coming to VGSC, by talking to them and offering an example of leading a quality life. Their support and education helped lots of patients overcome the fear of kidney complications and helped them to lead a quality life with good understanding of what is advised for what reason and how to follow up.

Support group has assisted VGSC in conducting educational sessions for general public, as in hypertension Awareness Day, world Kidney day and Dialysis patients Get together.

We are very proud to be listed in www.threebestrated.in website,